Confessions of a Glass-A-Holic

New Year New Ideas - January 7, 2013

Yup the New Year is ahead of us. The last of 2012 is behind. With the New Year come new thoughts, process, and exciting changes. These new ideas will unfold in the coming next months so watch for them.

My thoughts for you & yours is Peace, Health, & Happiness. May your creativity blossom & grow. May you become Happy with who you are & what you are doing.

For now though the next month brings new workshops, and our Annual sale!  Which is for a limited time. 40% off all glass products. In stock only no special orders. January 18th, from 10-5 & 19th from 10-2. This is a great time to stock up for up and coming shows for the spring.


Check out the new workshops. Remember if you and 3 friends come in for a Make & Bake workshop your Workshop fee is Free! (Doesn’t cover material costs).

Also we have a new Step 11 workshop for those who have taken the beginners course. This is on Thursday evenings and can be taken individually or as the set.

January 11th, 6-8:30 Layering for effect. How to get depth and contrast in your piece.

January 17th, 6-8:30 Shading with Frits. Learn how to use different grains of frit to get your desired shades as well as how to get movement in your piece with frits.

January 24th, 6-8:30  Reactives. The basics. Different glasses when touching each other cause a reaction. Sometimes this is desirable and sometimes this can wreck havoc in a piece. Learn how to identify these pieces & how to create what you want without any happy mistakes so that you can create it again if you desire.

January 31st, 6-8:30 & Saturday Feb. 2nd. 11-1p.m.  Glass Combing & Manipulation. Learn how to take glass to the molten honey stage and carefully manipulate it in the kiln. This process is quite hot & exciting, as you can create all sorts of shapes & swirls in your glass piece. 

Each of these workshops are $125- or take all 3 for $399- Call to register.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - Fun & Games

So on last Sunday I was able to get away to a fellow glassists home to play. I was so happy to get together with another like-minded person. Jerre’s husband is away in Bulgaria where he is participating in a Snooker tournament. Snooker is Terry’s passion. He doesn’t understand glass terms or glass. And Jerre doesn’t understand snooker either. 

So we were given this time to play. And that’ s exactly wheat we did. I have had a tray of strip cuts. Ready for combing, waiting patiently for an extra kiln for quite a while. I took that with me. And Jerre has had some dichro rectangles all layered up ready to heat, twist & squeeze. So as soon as I arrived that’s exactly what we did. Dove in and combed, twisted, squeezed, and pulled. 

I love glass. The end results were way better than I had imagined. There is so much room for taking this somewhere else. I can’t wait to see what happens.

This is how busy it gets. This post gets finished the following week after Soup for My Sisters Place! It was a great turn out. The help was as efficient as they ever possibly could be. The food that was donated was incredible. There was so much we had leftovers that was donated for the ladies lunches next day. A huge Thank You goes out to all who came, purchased, helped, visited, and made the day a success.


These are just a couple of pictures that we were able to post. To find more just access our Face Book page & friend us to view them all. 

pic1.jpg pic2.jpg

One of our helpers pouring the big pot of soup into a unit to keep warm while serving. 



Monday, November 26, 2012


Where does time go?

Can anyone tell me? It seems like last week Alicia was here and we had a house full of guests. Since then we still have a house full of guests. Although this time it is not for studio reasons. Just family. Life is busy. However we at the studio are working towards our yearly fundraiser.

Studio elves have been very busy loading the kilns and slumping glass. Along with all of our other projects, that are needing to be finished. To see some of the most wonderful creations people have been so kind to volunteer at making you can see them on our Face book page. Just hit the link on our website & “Friend” us. 

This year our charity of choice is My Sisters’ Place. Located in London it has grown from feeding a small group of women to Feeding, Helping & Encouraging many women faced with life on the streets as well as women at risk.

So if your up for a good time.. Call us we have tickets for sale at $29- each. With 2 seatings on December 2nd you can be treated to a wonderful bowl of soup. We have had some wonderful restaurants donating to this.. We are holding it this year at My Sisters’ Place as they already have the kitchen set up. Come out and see the wonderful place where these  women are able to get the help they so need.

My Sisters’ Place
566 Dundas St.
London, ON  N6B 1W8

When you leave My Sisters’ Place you will also get to take your soup bowl with you. Our Thanks to you for supporting this worthwhile cause.

Our Thanks go out to these places that have been so kind to donate:

Unique Food Attitudes
The Piping Kettle
Organic Works
Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes

Call us for tickets. They sell out fast. Pick your time 5 p.m. or 6:30 December 2nd. Only tickets for the amount of soup bowls made are sold! 519-672-2787.



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh my Gosh!

We have just finished up the Alicia Lomne workshop, Cleaning up the last of the 250 tiles people made during Culture Days London, and now on to Beginners workshops, as well as Make & Takes. Life is busy at the studio.

Thank you to all who have come out lately to show support for the studio. We are always trying our best to encourage new students & the creativity in you.

However it is making us look at other ways to encourage, help, and work with you. Thank you for our challenge. Here are a few of the pics we took during our workshops. Please enjoy and maybe think of taking one of these workshops when they are offered.. 


In the meantime you can check out on a regular basis what is happening at the studio by checking out our Face Book site! Fired-Up! Glass arts.



Saturday, September 29, 2012

Did you know you can now shop naked online? That’s right no dress code for our store. We don’t care what you wear, how you look, what time it is. Nothing matters if your working on a creative idea and it’s 4 in the morning, you run out of a specific piece of glass or want to add an embellishment, you can just order online. Chances are you will get it within 24 hours! That’s right! We had our first shipment go out and it was picked up 4 p.m., the customer had it next morning delivered along with her first cup of coffee! We were even impressed. 

So go check out our shop. You can get there direct with our link on the web page. Book mark it as one of your favorites it will be easy for you.  Or another easy way is,  

Another thing to check out is our Friday Specials. These will be limited stock, anything goes, Fridays only, Not to be repeated. You never know what you are going to get. I am looking forward to see what arrives on this page!

Also just in. A new shipment of Jen-Ken Kilns. These are the Pro-Fusion 16’s. These are a wonderful fiber kiln that has boasts a 16” shelf space with a depth of 4.5”. This is good for slumping. They are a clamshell style, which when opened during firing the heat stays mainly in the lid. Great for manipulating glass. They take regular 120 household current so there is no need to wire direct. And are easily moved around with a weight of approx. 60 lbs altogether. We are having a Special on these. 

Which includes 5 assorted sheets of glass,
5 rods, Our own kiln wash, 
And: 2 sheets of Thinfire Paper.
A value of approx. $85-

These regularly sell for $1400- without embellishments. Don’t’ think too long. This is a limited amount and they wont last forever.



First week of Autumn schedule. I tried my hand at being in the studio all the new hours I posted. It’s hard. Although I must admit it gave me back routine. Which according to Luc we all need! And I did get al lot accomplished in the studio.

We now have the “Wall of Frit”. I took out the baker’s racks & replaced them with cupboards. Ones that are taller, and they have more shelves. It opened up the whole area where you walk into the studio. And because they are painted white the colors of frit just pop. I am very happy with those. Now to work on another wall Or maybe we should just burst through into the next studio like we want and just get it over with…Go big or Go Home…. Thoughts anyone?

Commissions. Gotta love them. We have 2 on the go at the studio right now. Both are logos. Maybe I should get into the logo business. Last year we did the huge platter for the Meat Guy. Literally. That’s what it said with a huge t-bone steak in the middle. And also we took one of the Starbucks cups & made a cake plate out of one of the Singing Carolers. I think that was one of my favorites. 

Now we have a clock being made for a Photographers Studio.  And Baker Aluminum, a window/door installer. . That’s a big one. So in the next week or so maybe stop in the studio and see how the work is progressing.  If you check out our Facebook page, you can watch the progress on them, as we are going to post pictures. 

We are gearing up for lots of workshops this fall. We have a calendar out that tells all. We forgot to put Vitrograph Pulling. But they happen every Friday at 1. So if you would like to try your hand at pulling glass that’s the perfect time. Remember close-toed shoes, and safety glasses. If you don’t have safety glasses we have a few extra.  We do not stock the proper footwear for everyone, so make sure you so.

Our “Beginners” workshop was originally only on a Saturday. It has changed and includes the Friday before. If you have signed up for this please note the change. We could not get everything packed into one day. In order to anticipate and plan your finished piece you need to have made your own test tiles. Therefore with adding the Friday night you will be able to see the results the next morning when you come back. Tons of fun and learning to be had in this workshop. 

We are planning our Master Classes for next year. If anyone has someone in mind please let us know soon. It takes about a year to bring these people together. I am hoping for Karl Harron, as well as a few others who we have yet to approach. Do not be afraid to ask us.

Happy Glass Days are ahead..



We had a new shipment come! Yea! I love to see what new glass comes in. Bullseye always has new glass that isn’t in the catalog. Something they are working on with another artist, or something that the boys in the back conjured up. I always like to order art least a few sheets of these, and it is always a wonderful surprise to see what it is we get.

Yesterday because of the lateness of the delivery and waiting for Tom the building owner to bring the bobcat around to lift the 4 crates of glass into the studio, Sharon ended up seeing for the first time the very wonderful cascade glass we ordered. Long story short Tom wasn’t able to bring the bobcat around. So we had to hand bomb the glass into the studio. 

Think of it:

66 sheets of Tekta
120 sheets of colored glass. Including Holly Berry in time for Christmas orders.
17 sheets of 6 mml Tekta.

Plus all the  molds of which I had just picked up more molds from Tms Studios and Slumpy’s.

Thanks Sharon for all your hard work!

blog-sharon.jpgSo in all, the studio is looking really crowded. Today Jess is in to help with organizing and sorting orders. If you want first dibs on this wonderful selection of glass stop in soon! I think I see a sale coming up!!




Way past Toledo, Art in the Yard, and before any holidays take place..

This is going to be an interesting summer. Already the sands are shifting again. Yesterday I received an email from our local wholesaler in Toronto.

They are no longer carrying the Bullseye line of glass. You can purchase Thinfire, fibre paper, and glastac. However why would you need these if you do not have the glass to use them with?

They are going to carry another line of Coe 90 made by another company. Why? Do they have the complete color selection that Bullseye does? I think not.  Have many people thought of this glass before? Do they think that you are going to change your color palette in a quick switch? Even though it has been tested compatible sometimes there are differences that happen. But only when it is crucial for you to have a perfect piece. As in "Oh it has got to be in a gallery tomorrow!"

This is a sad state of affairs. I am sorry that this executive decision has been made. 

On the positive note though, Here I stand. So if you know anyone that needs Bullseye line of wonderful glass come see me, call or drop in. It looks like I will have the very piece of glass you are looking for. 

Here is some more news… We received a line of Special Production glass last week. Already some of this has found a new home outside of our studio. Some of the most wonderful streakies to come out of the Bullseye factory yet. You can check them out on our face book page for the colors or better yet come see them in person. The pictures do them no justice.

I personally love the one with the purple windows in the cosmic swirls looking very much like an Aurora Borealis.





elora.jpgToledo. Home of the Mudhens. Our room looked out over the second base. It looked like we could just sit comfortably & watch a game. However we were unable to watch any game as the organizers of GAS had everyone busy most of the day & evening!

This was a very organized conference. Having workshops start at 8 a.m. and going all day. Keynote speakers that got everyone inspired and beautiful work displayed. The Toledo museum is worth going to check out at any time!  

Klaus Moje directed an amazing roll up that got auctioned off while it was being worked on. The Auction showcased wonderful works of art from all over. Canada was well represented.  And the final event “The Fashion Show” was incredible.

Hats off to all who helped organize, work, collaborated, and assists in this worthwhile week.

Now on to summer projects!!

If your looking for something to do this summer, come join me at the Elora Center for the Arts. Where I will be introducing some of my new works! Then, travelling to Nova Scotia to introduce some of my work on the coast!



Off to Toledo!

This week is the GAS conference in Toledo. This is where Glass-a-holics get together and do some kind of mind meld thing. We here lectures, participate in workshops, and generally feed off each other’s creativity.

It’s wonderful.

studio-elf.jpgSo needless to say the studio will not be open this week. If you have a glass emergency, call the studio & Mark will return your call.  He is going to be my studio elf this week. Popping in and out whenever he is needed. 

The studio will re-open on June 21st. just in time for the Faerie Doors workshop. Some people have requested if they can make Troll Doors. It’s all-good. So if you have a little guy who would rather make a Troll Door. Feel free to sign up. You can email me with that info.

I will try to post events throughout the week. Although probably on my Facebook page is where they will turn up first. Are you a “friend” on Facebook? If not, request it. And then see what you have been missing! Fired-Up Glass Arts. Check it out.



Back to Reality…

Well as good as it gets anyway. Life at the studio is seldom routine. I may have great intentions on getting things accomplished however the Glass Gods seem to have other ideas sometimes.

I am backlogged with kitchen cabinets inserts, but new workshops keep getting asked for. So between trying to organize and get samples made of workshops I will persistently work on my cabinets. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

New products in the studio now…


Sizzle Stix. These are Bullseye’s answer to wonderful Dichroic Embellishments made easy. Usually these run around $180- per tube. Which contains 18 stix. They are 3 ml thick and come in either clear or black base with rainbow dichroic coatings. We are offering them for sale in the tubes in a variety of ways.

Individually- regular $10- ea. Now $7- each.
Tubes- either one full of Clear or Black regular $180- Now $150-
Tubes of mixed. Both equal amounts of Clear & Black –Now $150-

Also in stock we have Square Drop Outs. 8957 Regular $85- Now $60 each or buy 2 at $115-

Bullseye Glass Packs
Regular $560, each. Now on for $420. That’s a 25% savings

These are a great way to get a good selection of glass, at a reasonable price. It even includes some of the wonderful Streaky glass and some Curious. 

New molds in stock

8943 Cone Bowl - These wonderful molds make a great serving bowl, or it can be used as a deep dish cereal for those who love lots of cereal in the mornings.. regular price $33- Now $25- each. At this price they will not last long!

8957 Square Drop Out- Very cool effects created with this mold. Stop in the studio to see what can be created! Regular price $84- Now on for $65- or purchase 2 for $125-

At these prices they wont last long…



Day 4 - Jerre Davidson

Yea, Jerre. After just getting back from a Master Class in Ireland, Jerre made the trek to our studio. This is where students learnt the art of strip cutting and pattern bars. Wonderful creations. Students also discussed stainless verses Mild steel. A road trip to the Metal Supermarket in London became a great idea that came to fruition. Happy shoppers. Then back to the studio to build our strip cut plates. Lots of happy glassists in the studio this past week.


Now back to reality, and catching up on all the stuff that didn’t get done at the studio. Fun.



Day 3 - Jamie Gray

What a dynamo!! Jamie taught a 5-day workshop in 6 hours! Condensed, creative & exuberant. That’s our Jamie! I think people came away with many ideas buzzing through their heads.

Now we have to remember & do what Jamie explained soon so that we do not forget how, what, & when in regards to all the info shared.

The students in this workshop were a great bunch filled with questions, and thoughts. Not all came from a glass background so on top of this we had a basic glass-cutting workshop included. All of this was well tended by our T.A. Steve Tippin. Thanks Steve for being such a helpful sport. 




Day 2 - Fusion Conference

Once again Michelle brought some amazing ideas to the studio. The kilns were cracked open to reveal wonderful jewelry in all sorts of colors. Beautiful. I am not a jewelry wearer however some of the pieces that were created made me think twice.





Day 1 of the Fusion Conference

This has been an exciting day. Meeting new people. Glass-a-holics like the rest of you reading this. But this time it’s different for me. No travelling to new places, taking planes trains, buses, cabs. Trying to wander around a new city finding new hangouts & galleries. This time it’s in London. My studio hometown. And I’m loving it.

I have met people who have traveled far. Finding out new ways to manipulate glass. Making it bend & curl to your will. Not the way it’s ”meant to be”.

Today Michelle Prosec was instructing jewelry making with molds. How to fill them with the correct amount of frit. Color mixes that looked amazingly like summer colors.  Beautiful. Tomorrow we learn how to make links with seed beads and embellish them. This has been a worthwhile endeavor. Not only does one learn about making jewelry but also mixing frits, how to determine what colors and how you would make something much bigger with the color choices. Very intriguing.

It’s amazing to me that although we are supposed to be learning a specific thing we can take that knowledge and expand on it to incorporate it into something else. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

It’s been 9 hours since being in heaven. Or was it hell? What woke me? The thoughts of making a blanket in glass. To place over my stone cold bronze egg. Does an egg need a blanket? Are eggs made of bronze considered eggs? Can the pillow the egg sleeps on be made out of glass? Does an egg made of bronze really need a pillow? When does the sleepy time tea kick in?

9 hours ago I left the studio. Kilns all busy humming and clicking. I love that sound. Since then I have been busy doing the family stuff. Visiting with Dad, sorting out his stuff, who gets what etc. A late dinner,  almost on the patio. It started to get cold once the sun went down & the fire I tried to light in the fire pit… well the wood was too wet. Now its 2 a.m. and I’m up. Thinking about what goes in the kiln tomorrow.

Yup. Welcome to my world. I really only hang around with people cause it’s expected. I really can’t wait to get into the studio to see what I can make….  Sometimes it’s glass, sometimes it’s not.